Stereoscopic Video Players

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    3D video files come in many formats, often packaged in familiar file formats such as .AVI, .MPG or .MKV - but encoded to provide two separate video streams. This is usually done by combing left and right views in separate streams, side-by-side, above/below or on alternating rows.

    Most video players can change the 3D output format if required (for example, side-by-side to anaglyph).

    The following video players will handle most file formats and input/output types:

    Bino 3D -

    This video player supports Windows, Linux & Mac - so will work on almost any hardware. It's free and supports a wide range of video formats and display methods.

    StereoMovie Player -

    A simple and free stereoscopic movie viewing application that supports any standard video format any many output types (including interlaced for monitors like the Sharp 3D LCD).

    Stereoscopic Player -

    One of the most popular 3D video players - this supports almost any input/output type and is very regularly updated. It's free for private usage, although there are limitations to video length (currently 5 mins max viewing).
    Ian, Feb 14, 2012
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