Star Wars - The Force Awakens

Discussion in '3D Movies' started by alexi_drago, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. alexi_drago

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    Aug 19, 2015
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    I'm really looking forward to this, loved the original movies but was disappointed with the prequel trilogy and Lucas' continual inability to leave the originals alone so I'm hoping for great things from Disney and Abrams. It does look like Disney are planning to really milk the franchise though with various spin off stories.
    Anyway, I reckon Star Wars has great potential with 3D, many 3D opponents say it adds little to the experience but IMO this is one movie that could maybe sway some of them, air and space battles should look spectacular, as should all the costumes, environments, vehicles, sets and SFX. So I hope they go all out to make the best of 3D with this.
    alexi_drago, Aug 23, 2015
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  2. alexi_drago

    Ian Administrator Staff Member

    Jul 31, 2009
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    You've summed up my thoughts exactly!

    This is one film where 3D should be great and hopefully win people over. :D
    Ian, Sep 20, 2015
  3. alexi_drago

    Andrew New Member

    Aug 2, 2017
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    This movie was great in 3D. I need to grab a copy still though. Also Rogue One as well though that one is pretty hard to get in 3d unless you want to pay around 50 dollars online
    Andrew, Aug 2, 2017
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