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    Doesn't look like this forum is used much anymore but I am still scrapping to find release titles and starting to have more luck than I thought.
    Recently bought the 3-d release of the 1982 film Parasite released this year 2019-Oct 22. They had to use an old over-under 35mm release negative which had faded and only used part of the 35mm frame for each image. The transfer to HD needed color correction, alignment correction and had thick grain which needed to be compensated for digitally for the HD transfer. The end result is a film that is really kind of silly but one of Demi Moor's early films and Studio Canal did a wonderful restoration job on the film. Color looks nice and the picture is pretty clear. The sound had to come from the optical stero tracks since there was no other remaining material but is okay for 1982 stereo.
    Technically there are a couple issues with the stereoscoptic registration in a couple scenes. Overall though the film was transferred to 3-d Blu Ray best as possible. The single disc set also includes the 2-d version as well.
    This was a third-party release, or b-movie, but looks good and is a good addition for showing off 3-d.

    Second is the 3-d blu ray release of Skyscraper 2018. There are a lot of out of screen effects in this film mainly the fire and debris flying in your face and a couple heavy action sceens jump out pretty close to the viewer. Overall depth of the images is good, the 3-d gets exciting at points and the playback is near perfect for your home viewing.

    These are just the movies I recently recived. I don't like to give film reviews for content since I'm not Siskle or Eibert but wanted to put my foot forward on the actual 3-d performance of these films.
    Erik Schoolcraft, Nov 28, 2019
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