MINT- Angenieux Optimo 3D Ready Package with Two DP 16-42 mm Matched Lenses w/case

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    Selling MINT (only used twice) Angenieux Optimo 3D Ready Package with Two DP 16-42mm Matched Lenses w/case. These lenses are very hard to find. I paid $46K for the package - Asking 35,900
    Local pickup in Los Angeles only.
    Please email my assistant Deb at [email protected] with any questions or offers. If you PM message on here, there will likely be a delay in response.
    Scott Snare



    Matched Lenses from Same Production Run
    For Stereoscopic 3D Productions
    For Cameras w/ Large Single Sensors
    PL Mounts
    Custom Padded Pelican Carry Case

    The Angenieux Optimo 3D Ready Package with Two DP 16-42mm Lenses takes a lot of the headache out of stereoscopic 3D production by pairing two factory-matched, high-quality lenses. For shooting S3D with a beam-splitter or side-by-side stereo rig, matched lenses are absolutely crucial. These two Optimo DP 16-42mm lenses are from the same production run – a key consideration when you're trying to find twins of a device as mechanically sensitive as a lens. (Choosing matched zooms over two sets of primes is also a good way to ease setups for stereoscopic productions.)
    The two super-fast lenses have matching focus scales – focus rings are perfectly calibrated – and zoom ranges, and tracking is easily adjustable. Their zoom range of 16-42mm is appropriate for most stereo-friendly shooting, which favors wide shots over close-ups.

    The kit comes in a custom Pelican case with padding cut specifically for the included items: The two lenses, shim kits, two screwdrivers, two lens support brackets, and two focus sticks.
    Note: The lenses do not fit on cameras with optical viewfinders.

    PL mounts
    Optical design optimized for large-format, single-sensor digital cinema cameras: 32mm diagonal image area covers entire active pixel area of an S35/5K sensor
    Super-fast aperture of T2.8 (f/2.6), with no ramping
    320º focus rotation with over 20 precise focus witness marks and no breathing
    Calibrated focus marks in feet or meters

    Angenieux 16-42mm
    Focal Length 16mm-42mm
    Max Aperture T2.8
    Mount PL
    Image Circle 31.4mm
    Min. Focus 24"
    Front Dia. 114mm
    Weight 4.2 lb.
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    Scott Snare, May 22, 2017
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