Memorial To LiuZhen the famous Dancer Queen

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    Memorial To LiuZhen the famous Dancer Queen:

    LiuZhen was a famous dancer and actress, born 1975, died 2020, aged 44.

    Someday Liu had taken her four-year-old daughter to see a doctor for a cold, but the young girl refused to let the doctor place a stethoscope on her chest. The doctor then demonstrated the stethoscope's use to the child by placing the device on Liu's chest. And the doctor also realised then that Liu had a heart murmur, and advised her to seek further treatment.

    On 7 February 2020, she accepted a heart valve repair surgery, but unfortunately, Liu had an unexpected sudden cardiac arrest and fell into a coma. Despite subsequent operations to deal with a developing cerebral embolism and increased brain pressure, Liu died on 22 March 2020 at the aged of 44.

    Download Here (Field Sequential only, no HSBS):
    winrar part1:
    winrar part2:

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    Wrightway Stone, Mar 23, 2023
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