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    Hi all,

    I wanted to share a my discovery of some new old stock passive 4K 3D TVs at a liquidation price point. I bought one and am pleased so I am passing on what I know.

    In 2015-2016 a Chinese company, made a foray into marketing a bunch of electronics in the USA under the name LeTV, later LeEco. The company flew too close to the sun and failed. You can get the sad details on Wikipedia or elsewhere. One of the products sold was a line of passive 3D 4K TV models. There are some of the 55 inch models remaining. Those are designated Model X3-55 Pro or L553AN. They are sitting new in boxes in San Jose CA. The seller is liquidating them for $275 each and less in bulk.

    Rather than go into a lot of detail myself, here is a link to the manual with the technical specifications. https://fccid.io/2AFOYL553AN/User-Manual/Users-Manual-Part-1-2795800.

    I bought one and it's very impressive for the money. Before I boxed it back up as a spare, I played around with it a bit. I verified that it was un-opened, had zero hours, and plays 3D Blu-ray disks very well. I am not an AV pro, but to my eye, the image looked great and the 3D was terrific. No dead pixels, no patterned retarder misalignment, no ghosting with the commercial 3D Blu-rays I tested. Comes with a very stable stand, a "magic" type remote and glasses. The remote even has voice control...if you speak Mandarin! The TV has an English menu choice and was manufactured for sale in the US market. It looks very well made. It is super well packaged, much better than the LG TV's I have bought. This also means the boxes (one double box for the TV and one for the major stand) are big and may cost more to ship then the TV costs. But then again, you can buy one for $275!

    There are some cons of course. No warranty and no support. Internet connected, but with limited built in apps (try a Roku if you want more streaming.) I could not get it to play MPO files in 3D from a USB stick in the USB port. Others have determined that 1/2 width SBS and top /bottom files will display in 3D through a device like Blu Ray player with a USB input.

    Although they are full 4K resolution, I was told the TV’s are not HDCP 2.2 compliant. I think that is needed to play 4K video sources like Ultra HD, but I did not test that. Since a 3D Blu ray player delivers two HD streams, that works perfectly for that.

    The seller tells me she has to downplay the 3D when selling these because it's a complication for people who don't understand it. I told her I know a group who would be very pleased to have the 3D feature. She said I could put you all in direct touch with her and she would be especially welcoming with anyone who identifies as a 3D enthusiast.

    If this intrigues you (like it did me!), I will put you in contact with the seller directly. Email me for her email address. I am [email protected]. In case the address does not come through, it is markb at redshift, which is a dot com address. I have told her to expect contacts from the 3D community so please do tell her you are a 3D'r and that Mark put you on to her. I found her to be absolutely trustworthy and helpful. She even drove more than 50 miles to deliver a TV to me.

    Dddiver, May 24, 2019
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