Lenticular's back for another go at 3d glasses free

Discussion in '3D TVs' started by Technition-Ted, Feb 5, 2023.

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    Dec 12, 2022
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    Looking at the technology that is around for creating 3d, Lenticular keeps popping up from fancy blu-ray cases to cereal boxes.

    To me it looks like a good way to get cheap glasses free 3d. The company below is having a go but as usual appears to have over complicated everything with eye tracking.


    It would be great if a manufacture could just use this tech cupped with a cost effective software package that would convert 2D and 3d content to work with the glasses free Lenticular screen.

    If it was cost effective enough then the Masse's would buy it as it could just be fitted as standard, even taken to the extreme of two different screens on one TV lg double vision style. That was great for playing games like Mario Cart
    Technition-Ted, Feb 5, 2023
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