JVC Adixxion GC-XA2 cameras not so good

Discussion in '3D Cameras' started by Basicam, Nov 16, 2015.

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    Nov 16, 2015
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    Hello folks, I'm new to here, I have been on 'Creative Cow', (3D stereoscopic) for a few years, and now on here too.

    I have been making various 3D video atempts for years, starting with analogue SxS, and now digital, with Vegas mostly, or Cineform, Prem Pro., framepacked into 3D Blue-Ray.

    I needed new cameras and researched for months for useful small POV cams to helmet mount for stereo vision. After much debate I bought JVC Adixxion GC-XA2 bu cams, imported from America.

    They may seem OK, and get some good reviews, but I bought 3 of them. Two with consecutive serial No.'s were good to start with, but the third was pointing several degrees differently, and had a different wide angle stop setting.
    Making it useless for my purpose of a spare backup drop in camera for making 3D videos.

    When one of the good ones developed a problem (just outside of warranty) I sent it to a certified repairer. I was told that parts were no longer available, for a 2 year old camera, still sold as new on the shelves in 2015, and the manual is dated 2013.

    Parts no longer available so soon = parts were never available = a disposable camera sold at non-disposable prices, and no warnings of no parts availability. No parts and No customer support. AVOID AVOID

    P.S.: It's Official. After 3 phone calls to JVC's "customer service" not answered or returned, I finally got to speak to a human on the fourth phone call.
    JVC said it wasn't financially viable to repair Adixxion GC-XA2 cameras.
    They don't say that when they sell them to you at non-disposable prices.
    They don't tell you that they are unrepairable disposable cameras at any time, or in any place.
    The cost to me to have it uselessly looked at for repair, (when it cannot be repaired) can not be recovered.
    Thanks a lot JVC. I will tell everyone I can about your product quality, and customer care.

    Unless using them as temporary and disposable items.

    In actual use, the camera's mono microphones suffer severe wind noise, and separate audio recording is recommended. The screen for menu settings is difficult to see in daylight. The battery and connections are extremely small and fiddly, (and I have small nimble fingers). And like most povs, there is no lens thread for filters; however I glued my own threads on with silastic, to fit protective cover / filters. Sony Vegas does almost everything I need to make OK action 3D Bluray's. If I can reliably get the footage !

    Now researching for new UHD povs for the same purpose, helmet mounted. So far they all have short battery life, and batteries can't be changed out, so 2 hrs filming and 6 - 8 hrs waiting charging. Impractical.

    Any Suggestions ?
    Basicam, Nov 16, 2015
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