Is now the time to get hold of a 3d TV?

Discussion in '3D TVs' started by Technition-Ted, Jan 8, 2023.

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    Dec 12, 2022
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    With releases of new 3D blu-Ray disks falling is it a good time to buy a 3D TV?

    I ask the question because if you want to experience 3d at home I believe now is the time to buy
    You can pick up a branded 3D 50" Samsung TV second hand for around £300 add to that a Dolby digital 5.1 sound system for less than £100 you'll have a movie setup that would have cost over £1000

    A 3D blue Ray player you can pick up for as little as £25

    3D projectors like the JVC DLA type THX certified are now around £500 compared to £5000 when they came out.

    These projectors are 4K ready too so you'll be almost up-to-date

    The back catalogue of 3D films is extensive and there at bargen prices with blue Ray 3D films selling for as little as £1

    So I'm asking is now the time to buy?

    If you haven't seen 3D at home then I'd recommend it particularly if you use a projector. Even with a 50" TV the experience is great and with software 2D to 3D converters producing great results you won't run out of films to watch!
    Technition-Ted, Jan 8, 2023
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