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Discussion in 'General 3D and Stereoscopic Discussion' started by TheDonster, Sep 30, 2011.

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    Sep 30, 2011
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    Hello. I joined to get a question answered that I haven't found via google... I have a project I need to complete - I need to create a 3d picture that I can upload to a website which will allow the viewer to rotate it and look at it from all angles, etc. Kind of like what you see when you go to and look at a phone in the phone section. The only difference is I want to be able to rotate my images from any angle and zoom in as well.

    I'm trying to find out what I need to do to 1) take the pictures; and 2) render them into the applicable 3d image/format that I can use for this purpose. I don't know much about photography aside from pointing and shooting, although I can use the Adobe CS5 products fairly well and create 3d graphics with it.

    Can someone point me out in the right direction? Thanks!
    TheDonster, Sep 30, 2011
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