Funding campaign for Re-Start StereoVision USA

Discussion in 'General 3D and Stereoscopic Discussion' started by Geo3Dman, Apr 29, 2023.

  1. Geo3Dman

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    Apr 29, 2023
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    Hi everyone, this is George, tech guru for StereoVision and Victoria Silliphant, the daughter of
    Chris Condon who created SVI in 1968. We are trying to do a fund campaign and wanted to
    send the link and also if any advice would be great. We are in South Gate LA CA

    We have all the companies assets here in South Gate

    Here is a link to the Indiegogo campaign

    We have a facebook page also -

    I have a short video I am trying to get on shorts also -

    Would like to know if any 3D folks here in LA also!
    Geo3Dman, Apr 29, 2023
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