Full HD video from two cameras - Battle of Vitoria (larger version) - 3D

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    Vitoria Gasteiz
    Beethoven wrote the piece of music you can hear in the video to commemorate the Duke of Wellington's victory over Joseph Bonaparte - the elder brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, who made him King of Spain (1808–1813, as José I) - at the Battle of Vitoria on 21 June 1813.
    I did the recordings on past June 22, when some combat recreations took place. That bridge of La Puebla was one of the objectives in 1813.
    I have produced the video by assembling in Cyberlink Power Director Express several 3D clips created with The Magix Movie Edit program. When recording, I was confined among the audience and I have silenced the original audio but I have added sounds for cannon and musket shots. Also, I have tried to correct zoom differences of above about 4%. When uploading to YouTube, first I tried an MPEG-2 which was rejected, then an AVCHD also rejected, both had more than 2 GB each ; finally, a 341 MB FLV has been uploaded.
    I think it will be better using a watching option other than that of the red/cyan anaglyph because of the red colours in the habits and the larger parallax in some clips to reduce the window violations.
    The link to the video is :
    javierazua, Oct 23, 2013
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