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    Sexy cried: "You Zhu you, you This is the eighth bowl of rice."Aggrieved white clouds touched the stomach,Cheap authentic nfl jerseys, said: "I Bacheng sexy hear face braving the black line, said:" the boss, give him more than a bowl of. "Ten minutes later, the Baiyun paid and beauty walking down the street, the outsider of the moon and earth, there are many pedestrians on the road. Baiyun First opening two silent state, said: "beautiful, you not tell me your name, I always can not always call you beautiful.""You never told me your name." Sexy wink said."Well, well, I called the white clouds, white white, and blue cloud clouds." The Baiyun says.Sexy looked up at the sky, then said: "Now at night, ah, the cloud is black." Baiyun hear mouth pumping the pumping."Oh, funny you play, my name is Chen Lan." Chen Lan laughed.White clouds looked Chen Lan, said: "Chen Lan beauty, you can not tell me how the world is like."Chen Lan weird watching the clouds, said: "you will not be orphans from the orphanage, no, that is, orphans know, do you a very young age in the valley, so do not know." Chen Lan guess Tao.The Baiyun mouth can not help but be able to get. Said: "I am an orphan, but not from the valley to the white clouds.""Oh, well, I tell you about." Chen Lan spoke to one side went and sat down on a chair next to. The Baiyun followed sitting next to Chen Lan.Chen Lanyu hand touched his chin, said: "The world on four continents, East mainland, West mainland, north mainland, south mainland four continents, we are now in place is two of the three Empire of the East continent Dragon Empire class city sacked the city. every continent of this world, the prevalence of basketball, while the world is more one of the greatest basketball organization "CP Alliance.This coalition of various countries in the whole world, which is the world's elite teams. As long as the team to enter the CP Alliance is the strongest team in every continent. Each year on every continent will be at the World Basketball Tournament, Nike elite jerseys,the top ten will be able to enter the Union. "The Baiyun listening to, said: "Could it be that this world is the only basketball, there is no war.""In fact, the basketball game is a war, basketball has not appeared before the countries at war, and later the basketball, the battlefield moves to the basketball game, each country's national team is the team of the battlefield. "said Chen Lan.White clouds heard the last doubt vanished, said: "So." Chen Lan nodded."Is this the system is specifically brought me to this world, this is simply born for the basketball thing." Baiyun psychological thought.The white clouds suddenly said: "Chen Lan beauty, you look so late, I can go to your temporary residence under ah." Baiyun finished their own face a little red.Chen Lan said: "I ah, that you may sleep the living room, my uncle is also room to sleep." Chen Lan know Baiyun is an orphan, no accommodation is also normal."Never mind, living room, too, sleep it wants." The Baiyun says."All right, that you call me later Lanjie on the line, than you, so I called you Xiaoyun, always listen to you named Chen Lan beauty is very awkward." Chen Lan said."Ah, well, Lan Jie Baiyun shouted, immediately followed by the Chen Lan leave.

    There is an ordinary court, and ball box is a little rusty, surrounded by some of the ordinary civilian houses. Chen Lan came to the door of the house, with white clouds, Chen Lan took out the key to open inside and shouted: "Uncle, I'm back."This house is not large, Ershiyiting, plus not a big kitchen. Baiyun looked at the room, thought: "Lanjie home conditions it does not look good!""You sit down, my uncle might not be." Chen Lan Baiyun said."Oh, good." The Baiyun laughed and sat on that wooden bench. Then suddenly the door opened, and an uncle came. Uncle lean face, but many also had a beard, NFL jerseys cheap,the height of about 195, wearing black tights to make it robust upper body perfectly reflected. The Baiyun looked at the uncle the uncle also looked at the white clouds, the two eyes in the eye with.Chen Lan from the room out and said: "Uncle you come back.""Ah, Lan Lan This is your boyfriend ah, looks not very good." Said Chen Lan uncle.Chen Lan hear blushed, then said: "tert-what are you talking about, he called the white clouds, was an orphan and understanding of the basketball court, he was not a place to live let him temporary residence under him play very good Oh, Xiaoyun, Chen Dahai of my uncle. "White clouds stood up to politely said: "Chen Shushu.Chen Dahai doubt watching the clouds, said: "You will play."Baiyun said: "Yes. Immediately Chen Dahai come to a corner of pick up basketball, white clouds, said:" Come with me. "Housing outside the basketball court, Chenda Hai took the ball right in front of clouds, said: "Boy, we come to Bibi.""Hey, Uncle, I generally play you want to bet." White clouds, laughing.Bets, if you can get my hands into the three balls in my room to let you sleep, after my family free of charge to you live. "Chenda Hai said. Baiyun snapped her fingers and said: "ok"Chen Dahai ball thrown at the white clouds, and then make a defensive state. Baiyun received the ball and then sent up after ten seconds the Baiyun rushed into the three boundaries to force a breakthrough. Bang. Two body collisions with strong sudden failure of the clouds, then turned to hold a ball, jump shot, to a jumper. But the Baiyun not heard shabu goal, but Bang bang, shot the ball to Chen Dahai cover out. "I went to cover the Baiyun Road."Boy, continue." The Chenda Hai Chen Lan lost over the ball thrown into the Baiyun hands."Well, is not singled out, it should be you." Baiyun puzzled."I said to you from my hand into three balls." The Chenda Hai said.The Baiyun hear dribble hand for a change to a crossover dribble. Chen Dahai looked at the white clouds of the crossover dribble, said: "Boy, dribble technology is a good thing." The Baiyun smiled and did not speak. Baiyun the ball left to right in front of a hook, right hand quickly to catch the dribble rushed the the Chenda Hai in front of a radical turn around and hold the ball,Coach handbags outlet, a fadeaway jumper quick shot. Chen Dahai a little surprised then immediately running a few steps to hop in the mid-air under the ball cut shot is almost the number of seconds. Baiyun grew looked at the Chen Taihai from the ball under the air cut mouth, and shouted: "I went to, is not it, too fake it."Chen Dahai the ball threw the clouds, said: "In this world, all about basketball, nothing impossible."Chen Lan looked surprised Baiyun said: "my uncle had this but the level Triple Crown basketball player."
    sly42, Jul 16, 2012
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