assembling a 3D setup, I am truely lost

Discussion in '3D Computing' started by za7athustra, Aug 14, 2014.

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    Aug 14, 2014
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    Hi I suppose it's been asked before but.....

    I finally got to putting a 3d Nvidia card 610 in my video (editing, converting and viewing) base unit. I am wondering what I need now to view 3d. For instance the fact the card can produce 3d video does that mean I don't need a monitor which does 2d/3d conversion?
    If I don't need a monitor which converts what do I buy?

    I was under the impression that all I'd need after the card is a 120hz monitor and a pair of passive glasses like at the pictures. Or as the unit is so quiet with the 610 I was considering hooking it up to a tv as a htpc if I did what display do I buy?

    Ian the lost!
    za7athustra, Aug 14, 2014
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