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Discussion in '3D Photos' started by Steven Schmitt, Sep 30, 2013.

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    I put this here as it as this forum get more traffic.

    Shown is a simple cross eyed viewer. I cut two microscope slides in half and used rubber cement to form two prisms. The other sides are just some clear plastic to form a water proof area. When filled with water it becomes two prisms that makes cross eyed viewing easy.

    The two marks on the base are about the center of the prisms and are 2.2" apart which is the usual PD distance.

    The prisms can be turned around so the wide ends are on the outside to make a stereoscope for viewing such things as aerial photos.

    There are many 3D movies on youtube that can be viewed with this viewer. I have my 32" TV connected to the PC as a 2nd monitor and by setting the TV screen size to wide it expands the two pictures to the correct size. Normally the two stereo pictures are compressed.
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    Steven Schmitt, Sep 30, 2013
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