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Discussion in 'General 3D and Stereoscopic Discussion' started by MaxSMoke777, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Comcast, in my area, recently started to show 3D broadcasts, and I've been watching them for the last few hours. The first 2 programs, well dull in content, worked great on my 3D TV. Then I came across a program that appears to have no 3D effect at all. But near as I can tell, it's a correctly formed image, and should be popping with 3D depth. In fact, the fact that it doesn't have any is completely perplexing to me. See what you think...

    In the Split screen image, you will notice the scroll work on the Left side, and the Control Panel on the Right side. In the Splitscreen, you can see that these side elements drift off screen in a way that they are very different from Left to Right eye, as they should be. The Scrollwork on the Left is half off the screen in the Left eye. And the Control Box is touching the edge of the image in the Right eye. This image should work perfectly in 3D, using Side-by-Side mode.

    In Full screen, look at both of those elements. There's no double image effect, and you're not seeing Left or Right eye. The Scrollwork and the Control Box are both merged on to the screen prefectly. Somehow both images are being made into one, without any 3D happening.

    This defies logic, how on earth can both images be merged into one like that? There's no double image, you're not seeing Left or Right views. Instead you're seeing a hybrid 2D image made from both. I would say this is an error with my Sony TV, but I can't even understand how this merging could happen. If it's 2D, I should see either the Left Eye, or the Right Eye. And if it's 3D, I should see a flicker of both.

    I'd love to hear some theories. It's bizarre to say the least.

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    MaxSMoke777, Feb 20, 2011
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    It's possible that whoever created this program (it looks cool, whatever it is), just split a single image into one cropped on the right and one on the left, and then to make it work with 3D software, the images just merge together identically in the middle. Kind of like they were trying to trick their way into being "3D" programming when in relaity there was no 3D to be had. I'm not sure why they would do this... so I guess it could also just be that the merged image is a completely different image from the other two, or just one that is uncropped and it's an error that they don't both appear. Hm... strange...

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