3D Fama (Don´t be flat)

Discussion in 'General 3D and Stereoscopic Discussion' started by Fredo, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Apr 17, 2011
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    3D Fama (Don´t be flat)

    When we observe the world around us, it perceived in three dimensions. At a very, very long time, the question is how to present the plot 2d 3d perception. To resolve the question arises as to why we see 3d? It has already been written and that issues arising from the technological solutions, but each of them has a flaw, it would be at this point reduced to the question which I offered to resolve the 3d fame.

    Why do we see 2d? Let's look in the mirror and we will see 3D without any electronics without glasses without headache, that is the most natural look and in a 2d surface. Therefore, men can shave themselves, and women themselves put some make up on. Images do not enter the room but the room extended into the mirror, so you could say "+3 d".

    There is no waw-3D effect than when the image comes from the screen and virtual space is reduced. I still did not answer the question, so let's see some more good 2d image or a movie on a simple 2d television, monitor, 2d cinema ... and cover one eye;). Most are surprised at the realization that in one eye 2D image to see 3D. So you could say "+3 d", depth perception as in a mirror. It would seem to get the brain when viewing with both eyes over the same information, which results in loss of depth perception. You can also be argued that the "+3 d" brain through experience. If you cover one eye in the mirror, and a sense of depth disappears. Why do we see the 2d?

    Dismissal 3d fame lies in brain to filter the same information. All together, the force simply and naturally. Brain is able to draw an image with minimum information, and adoptions, if this result is better than the previous. This is a very rough interpretation of the final effect that is describe below.

    When viewed with both eyes 2d tv, stretched out your hand and with your palm or remote control covering view to be focused on what happens on the screen. Movement of arms should be horizontal and as far as can be slow. The point is to give your brain taking a chance with les information, but it must be the best possible picture quality. In a minute or two when we perceive "+3 d" does not need more of covering the view, because the brain is adopt a better outcome, it is more like our natural view.:)
    This is just one of many ways to achieve the perception of depth on any monitor, TV, photography and cinema ... FREE.:p And a lot of pleasure.

    As the author of this writting and idea, I wish to let you know, that the effect is irreversible,:D therefore, should each individual consider whether you wishes to terminate the flat perception.

    Fredo, Apr 17, 2011
  2. Fredo

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    Apr 5, 2011
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    It's an interesting idea, I think I'll try it out. ^_^
    5Deck.com, Apr 19, 2011
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