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    1. General 3D and Stereoscopic Discussion

      General 3D and Stereoscopic Discussion

      This section is to talk about general stereoscopic related items that don't fit in to other areas of the forum.
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      Latest: some help with lg 620s please chris, Apr 16, 2014
    2. News


      Read and post about the latest stereoscopic news in here.
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      Latest: Gimpel3D 2D/3D Stereo Conversion software is now opensource. Gimpel Code Shack, Nov 19, 2013
    3. Off-Topic Forum

      Off-Topic Forum

      A general off-topic forum for threads not related to stereoscopy... the forum cafe!
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      Latest: 3-D Russian SKF-1 lens adapter kit for sale Stephanie Rose, Feb 17, 2014
    4. Articles


      Read our stereoscopic articles on a wide range of topics:
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      Latest: Stereoscopic Video Players Ian, Feb 14, 2012
    5. Announcements & Feedback

      Announcements & Feedback

      Let us know your thoughts on how to improve 3D-Forums.com in here. We'll also post important announcements in this area.
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      Latest: Forum Upgrade Ian, Jun 14, 2013
    1. 3D TVs

      3D TVs

      General discussion about 3D TVs of all varieties. Let us know your thoughts in here...
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      Latest: Help figuring out 3d issue mountaindewbass, Mar 15, 2014
    2. 3D TV Channels

      3D TV Channels

      Talk about the exciting new 3D channels such as Sky 3D, showing all sorts of stereo content!
      Discussions: 9 Messages: 17
      Latest: T-Home 3D Holger, Feb 9, 2012
    3. 3D Movies

      3D Movies

      Your opinions and thoughts on 3D movies, such as 3D Blu-Ray or IMAX.
      Discussions: 31 Messages: 66
      Latest: The 2D to 3D Conversion Rip Off eric stofer, Apr 4, 2014
    1. 3D Computing

      3D Computing

      Discuss any 3D hardware or stereoscopic monitor (autostereoscopic, LCD, shutter, polarised, etc...) in here.
      Discussions: 25 Messages: 51
      Latest: ddraw.dll Kim Larsen, Mar 22, 2014
    2. Stereoscopic Gaming

      Stereoscopic Gaming

      Let us know which games work in stereo, and share advice on 3D gaming.
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    3. Sony PS3 3D

      Sony PS3 3D

      Discuss the latest update to the Sony PS3 which enables 3D Gaming.
      Discussions: 8 Messages: 33
      Latest: Best 3D PS3 Games? Ian, Feb 21, 2012
    4. Stereo Software

      Stereo Software

      Talk about stereoscopic software, such as 3D video players...
      Discussions: 7 Messages: 28
      Latest: a 2D to 3D software (autostereoscopic) Rjapz, Dec 31, 2013
    5. NVIDIA 3D Stereoscopic Software/Hardware

      NVIDIA 3D Stereoscopic Software/Hardware

      Talk about stereo computing when using the NVIDIA 3D drivers.
      Discussions: 4 Messages: 9
      Latest: NVIDIA launch 3D glasses with cable fairy tale, Jul 5, 2012
    1. 3D Cameras

      3D Cameras

      Discuss 3D cameras in this forum section and share your thoughts on photography hardware.
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    2. 3D Photography Software

      3D Photography Software

      Talk about 3D image software, such as stereoscopic viewers and 3D photo creation.
      Discussions: 7 Messages: 15
      Latest: SBS to Anaglyph Made Easy? Commodore Crush, Mar 14, 2014
    3. 3D Photos

      3D Photos

      Share your stereoscopic images with the rest of the forum in here.
      Discussions: 103 Messages: 224
      Latest: Buddha Wereldmuseum Rotterdam 3D wim hoppenbrouwers, Feb 14, 2014
    4. 3D Video

      3D Video

      Discuss and share your thoughts on 3D video or get help with 3D video player software.
      Discussions: 54 Messages: 83
      Latest: Video from two cameras - High Tide approaching - 3D javierazua, Feb 12, 2014